Linguistically Linda /liNGˈɡwistək(ə)lē ‘linda/ – Beautiful Language

Services offered:

English as a Second Language Classes: For children and adolescence, a standard ESL curriculum to build the essential skills necessary for the English language is offered. Specialties include reading comprehension & story time, conversation & public speaking practice, and phonics courses.

For adults, specialities include a general ESL lessons to build a strong foundation for English for beginners or people wanting to practice their English skills. Business English that focuses on business terminology, negotiations, and presentation skills. My personal speciality is creative writing courses to help expand abstract thought and utilize a students creativity.

Private Academic Tutoring: Currently offering academic tutoring in all subjects but, specialize in mathematics, science, ELA, and Spanish.

Freelance Writing: Currently open for submissions for those interested in editing, collaborations, articles & blog posts, creative writing, and consulting.