Luna Yes Luna Si

Meet Latina sisters, Cassie and Luna, and learn about an older sister’s experience and relationship with her younger sister who has autism.

Luna, Yes! Luna, ¡Sí! aims to educate communities about Autism Spectrum Disorder; with a lack of resources and tools regarding this topic, I took it upon myself to share my story in an effort to help young children have a basic understanding about autism and begin asking questions.

This is my first published debut with more to come!

“Growing up it upset me to see kids my age and younger degrading and bullying people with disabilities.  I wrote this hoping more children will recognize that difference doesn’t have to be bad, to start conversations about autism, and to create a mirror for siblings of people on the spectrum.”

Jessica Gonzalez, Author

What others are saying:

Adore this book. Special education teacher here, I got it both for my classroom and for reading to my small son. Insightful, brave, beautifully written and illustrated. I wish there were more books like this to promote inclusion in our schools and society at large. Gives a realistic and loving glimpse into caring for and sharing life with a loved one with autism. Thank you.

Ms. Adrienne, Special Education Teacher

As a special education teacher I think this book has an easy and intelligent way of explaining autism to children. It breaks down the nuance of living and interacting with a person who lives with these challenges every day. A great tool to use in the classroom and at home.

Idelyn Caneiro, Special Education Teacher

As a speech pathologist, this is an amazing book to use with my students! Its relatable for many of my students and their families. Congratulations again!

Ms. Alana M.S., CF-SLP.