About Me

My name is Jessica Gonzalez and I grew up in New York City; born to a Puerto Rican and Dominican family. At the age of 8 years old, I began studying theatre and performed at the Duke Theatre on Times Square at 11 years old. I went on to study the dramatic arts at Talent Unlimited High School for the Performing Arts. While attending university, I studied Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese as well American Sign Language; worked in a ABA research lab, and fenced for 3 years. Upon graduating, I made the world my classroom and took off to learn.

Machu Picchu, Peru

My work is inspired by the desire to help build a world in which people better understand each other and themselves. I have written articles on self-analysis, language learning, travel, and communication science. After graduating college, I published my first children’s book titled Luna, Yes! Luna ¡Sí! a semi autobiographical story about two sisters as told through the eyes of the oldest sister about her younger sister being on the Autism Spectrum.

Word Up Bookstore

Since then, I have worked with local bookstores; hosting story time events and helping build the writers community. I have worked with Dominican Writers Association, Word Up Bookstore, Strive Higher NYC, and Kaleidoscope Vibrations LLC.

In the language and education field, I have taught English in Chile for 4 months in 2019; helping local communities and hosting events. I have taught English on VIP Kid for 2 years and counting! Another platform that I teach language instruction on Century Bridge (2021-Present). I also teach private English courses (information in the education page). Private academic tutoring is offered through my partnership with Bansho!

Tierra Amarilla, Chile

I am currently a student completing my communication science courses for my Speech-Language Pathology masters as well as improve my design skills. Along with my studies, I will be working on projects in my field and will be sharing them with all of you!