About Me

My name is Jessica Gonzalez, and I grew up in New York City, born to a Puerto Rican, Dominican, and Cuban family. At eight years old, I began studying theatre and performed at the Duke Theatre on Times Square at 11 years old. I went on to study the dramatic arts at Talent Unlimited High School for the Performing Arts. While attending university, I studied Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and American Sign Language, worked in an ABA research lab, and fenced for three years. Upon graduating, I made the world my classroom and took off to learn.

Machu Picchu, Peru

My work is inspired by the desire to help build a world where people better understand each other and themselves. I have written articles on self-analysis, language learning, travel, and communication science. After graduating college, I published my first children’s book, Luna, Yes! Luna ¡Sí! is a semi-autobiographical story about two sisters as told through the eyes of the oldest sister about her younger sister being on the Autism Spectrum.

Puerto Rican Holiday Fair, NYC

Since then, I have worked with local bookstores, hosting story time events and helping build the writer’s community. I have worked with Level Up NYC, Word Up Bookstore, Strive Higher NYC, and Kaleidoscope Vibrations LLC.

In the language and education field, I taught English in Chile for four months in 2019, helping local communities and hosting events. From 2020 until the present day, I have been virtually tutoring in different languages as well as all academic subjects K-12 in the American and Canadian systems.

Tierra Amarilla, Chile

While I tutor students in all academic subjects, I work with my team to help create educational materials for every kind of field and have worked with small freelancers and large corporations!

Because of my passion for education and design, I have found myself in the field of instructional design, helping create courses for businesses and organizations to help improve the workflow and environment by filling in the learning gap.

I hope to help integrate instructional design into every field as it is the future of education and can help bridge people together by educating them on different topics and skills they can apply daily.

La Noria, Mexico