My Process

My instructional design philosophy ensures that learning is an experience rather than just a lecture. Utilizing my creative skills and educational abilities, I have created gorgeous and easy-to-use e-learning courses or in-person workshops for different fields ranging from individuals to large-scale businesses.

Conduct needs analysis: In the beginning, I will start by seeing the learning gap within your company. I will examine what your team is currently doing, what is somewhat working, and what is failing. From there, I will submit the needs analysis for you to review so we can start looking at a training solution.

close up photo of survey spreadsheet

Create an action map: Once we have identified the problems, I will begin creating an action map for your course; this will serve as a guide for the actions we want the team to start applying in the workplace and how we will have them practice it. This will help us see where they are unconsciously incompetent and where they are consciously competent.

Create learning objectives: From there, we will map out the learning objectives in the course. This will incorporate the actions that we want your team to take, which conditions we want them to apply these actions in and the standards they should try to meet.

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Create a design document: The design document will be a proposal for the training solution implemented in the course and run through your stakeholders and SMEs. It will contain the course topics, the target audience, the learning objectives for each section, the modality of each section, and the mode of measurement.

Discuss the project timeline: Once we approve the design document, we will begin creating a timeline to help us understand how long it will take for the course to be fully developed*.

* Dates are subject to change depending on how long the editing process

Develop the storyboard: The storyboard will act as a blueprint for the course. This document will contain everything from the slide title, audio narration, on-screen text, graphics, interactions, and technical notes.

We will go through 2 rounds of edits for the storyboard before we begin developing the prototype.

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Develop the prototype: Before we begin the huge process of making the course, I will create a prototype that will range from low fidelity to high fidelity. The prototype will range from 2 to 5 slides for stakeholders and SMEs to review before going into the development process for the course.

Note: There will be 2 rounds of edits for the prototype.

Building the course: I will begin creating the course once the prototype is approved. This will include the first 2-5 slides that were developed during the prototyping process and transferring them to Articulate Storyline. This process will range from a week to 3 weeks, depending on the information needed for the course.

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Implement the course: This process will depend on whether we have created an in-person workshop or launching an online course. This will involve collaborating with your stakeholders and SMEs about having every team member take the course. If the training is online, we will use LMS to track their progress and see how they completed the course and if they could not understand the material.

Measuring the training: The final step would be to evaluate the training and its effectiveness in the workplace. I use the Kirkpatrick Four Levels of Evaluation, which includes checking how the learners react to the material, how the learner is able to apply their newfound knowledge, measuring the learners’ behavior, and checking if there has been any change in the business post-training.


*Conduct a retrospective: If you want me to reevaluate the project once it has been implemented, I will look over and see what we achieved, what may have not went as planned, and how we can improve in the future.

My Tools:

The software that I use to help create my incredible eLearning experiences are listed below.

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Canva
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Adobe Suite

Interested in working with me?

Feel free to email me, and we can start with a 30-minute consultation with a quote by the end of our conversation!