For Schools

Author Visit Request Form

Booking Timeline:

To ensure that students and staff are well prepared for the author’s visit, it is best to request your visit at least four weeks in advance.

This gives the author (Jessica) enough time to prepare her visit for the students and confirm the dates in her calendar!


For virtual visits, schools can pay $100, and for in-person visits, schools can pay around $200. We are open to negotiations to assist with school budgets!

For students to get the most out of their author visit, it is best to speak to Jessica or her publisher, Kaleidoscope Vibrations LLC, to purchase a bundle for the class through our printing partner.

Allow at least five business days for our team to get back to you!

Visit Preparation:

Jessica will be in contact to help plan the visit and finalize the schedule for students and the school.

Feel free to ask for any media or information to help create flyers or send out emails to parents for the event and prepare students for the visit!

Make sure there is a space of schedule for the Jessica to transition the students for the author visit!

Feel free to reach out to Jessica to acquire a W9 form to make everything smooth for any purchases and for tax purposes.

Student Workshop (Optional):

Students will be given the opportunity to discuss the book with Jessica and she will help guide them through an activity about how to turn an idea into a story!