Private Tutoring

Our motto:

It takes a village to raise a child.”

Because students need extra help in and outside the classroom, I started tutoring to help students in various academic subjects and offer them mentorship upon graduating high school to help them with direction in life.

We aim to foster students by going beyond academic support and feeling like they have someone to rely on. We specialize in helping students with disabilities and first-generation students. We provide instruction in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

My personal experience dates back to 2018, both in and outside the classroom! We are currently accepting new students and offering trial classes; if you are interested in post-trial classes in services, you will receive a contract and access to my calendar along with our other tutors’ calendars to book sessions for the month.

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Accepting Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, Stripe, CashApp, Payoneer & Square.

Trail ClassDuration
$1030 minutes
CA$ 1530 minutes

Private Tutoring Catalog (USA)

Private Tutoring Catalog (Canada)

Services include and are not limited to:

Reading Comprehension
Writing Skills
Elementary, Middle, and High School Math
College Prep
Speech Development
Science Skills
Summer Programs*

Specialize in helping students who are diagnosed with:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Virtual Group Tutoring Sessions

Coming Soon!

Duration1 Hour
Class size5 students or less