Luxe Beauty Product Ingredient Training

The Problem: With a large number of returns and a decrease in customer satisfaction, Luxe Beauty needed to find a solution to help improve their sales and lessen their returns.

We concluded that most customers were returning items because of allergic reactions to their products. While the staff is highly trained in helping people understand what makeup is best for their skill level and their skin tones, they lack knowledge of the ingredients in their products.

In order to help Luxe Beauty, their employees, and their customers, I created the Luxe Beauty Product Ingredient Training Course to help employees learn the basics about how to identify potentially harmful ingredients in beauty products. They are given visual images to help show the negative effects of certain ingredients alongside fictional scenarios for them to practice using their knowledge.

The Goal: Build a foundation of knowledge for employees to be able to look at product labels and identify harmful ingredients. A decrease in customer returns due to allergic reactions by 30%, an increase in customer satisfaction by 15%, and an increase in sales by 10%.

Luxe Beauty Action Map

Luxe Beauty Course Outline

Storyboard for Luxe Beauty

Mid-Fidelity Visual Prototype

Lofi Luxe Beauty Prototype Final Version by Jessica Gonzalez