eLearning Course Development:

person in red pants sitting on couch using macbook

If you are interested in having an online course made from scratch, I am more than happy to do all the necessary research to create a storyboard and transform it into an amazing eLearning course.

Course Material Development:

If you are looking to create material for your course, I can create worksheets, quizzes, assessments, exams, workbooks, etc. This comes from my own personal experience creating course materials for years for educators and my students. I will do all the necessary research to create materials that align with your brand.

In-Person Training Workshops:

For anyone who may be interested in in-person workshops, I am able to utilize my instructional design skills to create in-person training that can cater to your organization that we can run for a few days to ensure your team is ready to learn and apply their new skills.

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